What is RadicalxChange

RadicalxChange is a global movement dedicated to reimagining the building blocks of democracy and markets in order to uphold fairness, plurality, and meaningful participation in a rapidly changing world.

The RadicalxChange Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing that cause, founded by E. Glen Weyl following the publication the book Radical Markets in 2018. The ideas in Radical Markets provided a starting place for envisioning institutions that preserve democratic values in a rapidly-changing technological landscape, as the project and vision continue to evolve.

Letter from Jennifer Lyn Morone on COVID-19 Actions

Dear RxC friend,

I hope this finds you well and safe during these trying times.
We find ourselves in a unique moment: with COVID-19 and global economies slowing down, the world is under pressure. However, we also have a greater chance than ever to make significant change. RadicalxChange (RxC) is all about strengthening communities to overcome the inequalities we see today and ward off those in the future. RxC espouses the fundamental value of figuring out how we can better take care of each other and share limited resources. For everyone working on ideas for a better future, there is no time like the present to act; and here are several challenges and projects that you can participate in immediately.


The full social and economic repercussions of the spreading virus cannot yet be predicted, but it is clearly an unprecedented crisis that calls for a radical, open exchange of social as well as biomedical ideas. Given the COVID-19 crisis, Gitcoin is running a special public health track as part of its Grants Round 5 – starting March 23. Any project working to combat COVID-19 should apply – it is a simple and fast way to find funding. People from around the world can register on Gitcoin and contribute to the selected projects using Ether or the stablecoin Dai. The matching funds will bolster individual contributions according to the Quadratic Finance formula. Read more here.


Taiwan has proactively managed the country’s immune response through civic action and technology. Read this piece in Foreign Affairs, by RxC founder E. Glen Weyl and Jaron Lanier, on what the Digital Minister of Taiwan, and one of RadicalxChange’s leaders, Audrey Tang, did.RxC Berlin Chapter is starting an effort to make Taiwan's COVID-19 civic tech tools known, accessible and adaptable to local contexts. Join the first online meetup today, Thursday, March 26 at 9pm CET (4pm EST).

ARCHIVING COVID-19 - help document

The significance of an event as it unfolds is difficult to see. What seems important nowmay have little impact in the long run, while trivial events can have vast effects over time. Histories of disease have value for historians, epidemiologists and other medicalresearchers, public health professionals and policy-makers. In that spirit, let us use what we have learned about history to document as best we can, creating an archive of COVID-19 for future benefit. Join this effort to document and create a record of COVID-19. RxC “Ideas + Research” Lead and Associate Professor of History at Georgetown University, Ananya Chakravarti, has prepared a guide for archiving this moment and you can upload videos here or send us links. You can also follow Dr. Chakravarti on Twitter at @achakrava and reach out to her if you need help getting started in your chapters.

THE SCHEME OF THINGS - help envision

My practice as an artist and filmmaker brought me to start a film project, The Scheme of Things. It uses the imaginative, collaborative, and immersive nature of filmmaking and storytelling to bring people in communities together to positively re-imagine the world they live in, creating stories and scenarios of how this world could look and feel and the underlying changes to the system to support it. The project was developed for the Dopolavoro program of Drugo More for Rijeka’s 2020 European Capital of Culture program. Although postponed from its scheduled release date of May 21, the project will be screened and exhibited this summer. Given this moment, however, I’ve decided to advance the final stage of the project, which invites others to start contributing to a never-ending film of the world we want. On April 6 at 10AM EST, I will hold a virtual workshop to delve into the materials and processes. To join this call, please register here.

Other excellent initiatives I would like to share with you:

Pirate.care is a transnational research project and a network of activists, scholars and practitioners who stand against the criminalization of solidarity and for a common care infrastructure. They have started a collective note-taking effort to “document and learn from the organizing of solidarity in response to the urgency of care precipitated by the pandemic of Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2)”. They have a syllabus “meant to offer both practical guidance and inspiration to organising and living with the outbreak elsewhere...and meant to help articulate demands to shift our societies from capitalism, productivism, patriarchy and racism to societies centred on collectivising the shared task of regenerating the interdependent well-being of humans and nature.”Suji Yan of RxC Berlin, has started the Mask + Test Kit Mutual Aid Fund to buy masks and test kits and ship to EU, North America and other parts of the world affected by COVID-19. You can find out more and support this project here. I hope that you will find motivation in these challenges to collectively help make a difference for our shared future. Lastly, the 2020 RxC Conference scheduled for June 18-20 in São Paulo is now taking place online during the same period. We’ll update you with more details soon.

Take care,

Jennifer Lyn Morone
Independent Artist
CEO of the RadicalxChange Foundation


Authorized by Jennifer Lyn Morone.